Friday, May 29

Youtuber's Books review (feat. GirlOnline, The Pointlessbook, Love, Tanya, A Work In Progress)

 So a lot of Youtubers have been bringing out books recently. And I, as the obsessed fangirl that I am, have of course bought a few. Now I know that some others like Hannah Hart and Grace Helbig have brought out books, but I don’t watch those regularly, so I haven’t bought those yet. But I thought I would give you a review of the ones I do have, so let’s get started:

The Pointlessbook (by Alfie Deyes): Alfie is not the first Youtuber with a book deal, but the first to publish one. There is already a sequel, The Pointlessbook 2. They are both full of fun activities, bucketlists, challenges and loads more. It is a bit like the „Wreck this journal“ book, but not as „brutal“. I honestly haven’t done that much, but that’s only because I’m kind of a little bit scared that I’m going to write things in it that are not worthy. Does that make any sense? I like this book, the activities are fun and great for journeys or when you’re bored, but this is not my favourite one of the books.

Love, Tanya (by Tanya Burr): This is such a coffeetable book, and I love it. It has loads of content, it’s really well written, and is also really helpful. There are a couple of chapters, all about different things that interest Tanya. The recipes are great, the fashion advice is super, but my favourite part is the “Confidence and Happiness” chapter. It’s full of tips on how to cope with anxiety, stress and just how to be a happier person. This book is definitely worth a buy.

GirlOnline (by Zoë Sugg): Okay, I know there has been a lot of trouble about this book and its ghostwrittenness (great word, huh?) but it’s still a great book. It’s not deep literature, but it’s quirky and a little fairytale like and it’s one of those books, where you sigh and it’s cute andi can understand the main characters problems. Absolutely pleased and I will definitely be buying the second part.

A Work In Progress (by Connor Franta): Wow. Connor. I somehow have the feeling that this book changed me? Ok that might be a little overdramatic, but it is a wonderful book. Full of memories, tips, advice and thoughts on life in general. Also has beautiful pictures. I love this book to death. I think I learnt a lot about accepting myself and being who I am and not letting anyone box me up. Thanks Connor. I’m going to start reading it again now. (Fun fact: I fell into the mud with this book with me, but it’s somehow only very wavy, yay!)

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