Tuesday, February 9

A diary entry to remember

Hello everyone!

I started my first diary, a Moleskine A6 notebook, on the 31st December 2008 and I wrote my last entry on the 1st of January 2016. Some years I only wrote a few times, some years I filled page after page with detailed descriptions of my day to day life.

In my last post I said, that I have one resolution that is the most important to me, and I wanted to make a whole post for it.

This is what I wrote about it in my  diary:

"I want to throw myself wholeheartedly into everything I do. Enjoy everything, from school to work to friends to blogging. I want to live in the moment and do everything to live it the best I can. I'm going to do everything with my whole energy and everything I have.

I want to be someone that my younger self would be honoured and proud to know. I want to have fun and succeed in everything I do. Let's make 2016 awesome.

I want to be a person that little kids look at and think: I want to be like her. That's what I want."

Lots of love,

Monday, February 8

Festive Photos

Hello everyone!

Ok, I am definetly NOT ready to let go of the festive spirit, so here are a few photos I took at Christmas and New Years Eve. Enjoy!

Love, Mia

Sunday, February 7

"W7-In the Buff" Eyeshadow Palette Review

Hello everyone!

I have always been a sucker for eyeshadow, so when I found this palette on amazon that was being described as the best Urban Decay Naked dupe, I didn't think twice. Here's a little rave about the W7-In the Buff eyeshadow palette.

W7 does quite a few eyeshadow palettes, but I thought this was the one that fit me best. I have brown eyes with a hint of green and pale skin. My palette, "In the Buff", includes 12 beautiful brown-gold colours and a double ended brush. It comes in a rose gold tin.
I can't say whether the brush is good, as I have been using my own eyeshadow brush of choice.

The eyeshadows come off nicely, have a good consistency and stay put for the most part of the day.
The colur payoff is not bad, you don't need much of the product to create a gorgeous look.
I love the colours featured in this palette, because there is quite a variety: golds, browns, nudes, and slightly pinky tones. Some are glittery, some are matt, and I am absolutely in LOVE! Definetly recommend this, even though I can't judge whether it is a good dupe for the Naked palettes, as I have never tried them.

Buy the palette here
I hope this post helped you if you're looking for some good quality eyeshadow for an affordable price!

Love, Mia

Friday, February 5

Keeping Up With My New Years Resolutions

Hello everyone!

I hope you had a wonderful christmas nd a great start into the new year!

I certainly did, I had loads of fun, and it was a very emotional christmas for me this year. I shed a lot of tears (which me being on my period certainly contributed to) but it was still a great week full of festivities.

I am a big fan of the "New Year/New Me" thing, and please hear me out before you click off of this post immediatly.


 think that you can reinvent yourself at any time of the year, not just when a new year is rolling around.
But I do really like using the time between Christmas Eve and December the 31st for reflecting on the year and thinking about what I would like to change or do better in the new year.
So, every year I make resolutions, none of which I continiously follow through with.
Why, you might ask yourself, would I make these resolutions?

January is one of my least favourite months of the year, it's grey and cold and boring. All the fun and excitement of Christmas is over, the decorations are being taken down, the fairy lights unplugged. Resolutions really help me get my ass in gear and start the new year with a bang, even though the weather is dreary and the spirits aren't at their highest.

I want to show you my resolutions and how well I've been following through with them, now that it's February and the motivation might be wearing thin.

1.  Go to the gym twice a week. Wow, I am extremely creative this year, haha. Doing more sports or getting fit is on probably 70% of the worlds populations list of 2016 goals. I have actually been doing this for the most part. I slacked one or two weeks, when school stress was just overwhelming, but I did go to the gym a LOT. I don't stay very long each time, maybe 30-40minutes, but I feel soo good each time I come home after a workout session.

2. Write a blopost twice a week. Woops. This is the first post of 2016, so I definetly failed that one. I took a break from blogging, as I was thoroughly overwhelmed by all my schoolwork, the jobs I had taken on, and lots of my friends going abroad. But there have been ideas for posts wizzing around my head all the time, so I am ready to rumble (aka write a lot of blogposts).

3. Loosen up, enjoy life, live a bit more "YOLO" and stuff. I have been sticking to this, although it isn't a giant change. I say yes to more things and spring at any chance to socialize or meet up with someone. Some experiences were ok but not great, and some were perfect. That's the thing, you never know how it's going to be. There were some things I would have rather missed, but for the most part I was glad I put this on my list of goals.

The thing that I most wanted to change, was that I had a feeling that I was doing so much that I was doing everything halfheartedly. But I think I will make a seperate post about that and what I am doing to change it.

Lots of love,