Sunday, July 26

Italien Photo Diary

Hello everyone!

I’m on holiday in Italy right now, and have taken a couple (well, maybe not a couple...more like a lot)of photos, so I thought I’d share them with you.  
Warning: Most of these photos are of mountains, lakes, food and sunsets. You might find some of little towns we visited, but not much else, as these are the things I love taking photos of most.
I really hope you like taking a little peek at my holiday, so lean back as you enjoy my pictures from the “val di ledro”!
(Also, the order of the photos is not always the order they were taken in.)

(not me, just a cute couple sitting on a bench)

Tuesday, July 21

Telling the Truth & Lying for a Reason

Hello everyone!

Is lying okay in some situations? And when do you have to tell the truth?

Those are the questions that I (and I'm sure you too) am confronted with on a daily basis.

I lie. When I don't want to hurt someone's feelings for example. Also if I don't want to get into trouble.
I guess if you lie to save someone from something hurtful, but not really that important, it's okay. 
For example, telling my friend loads of boys like her when she's feeling down is fine, a "white lie". But saying my brother made the mess in the bathroom when it was actually me, is, (although it is not very bad), a real lie. In most situations I can tell the difference. But sometimes it gets hard.

Is my friend had a bad looking spot would I tell her, if I knew that knowing would make a very self-conscious?

If my classmate drew something rude on a table and wouldn't on up, even though it would have consequences for the whole class, would I rat him out, I'll pretend not to know? (Or I could just beat him up, the coward)

Where I make sure to always tell the truth is when it comes to really serious things. If someone could get seriously hurt, emotionally or physically, you should definitely tell the truth.

But again, there are certain circumstances where that's not the right thing either...

I think you have to find it in yourself whether the lie you want to tell is acceptable or not.

I certainly struggle with these things. Do you? Feel free to comment down below!

Sunday, July 19

Judgement & Jewelry

Hello everyone!

A few days ago I was in town with a friend and I noticed for the first time how often she said something along the lines of "omg why is he/she wearing that item of clothing/colour/style? That's so dumb/ugly".
And I didn't say anything.
Now I wish I had.
Because in retrospect, why the f*ck does she care? That person, walking along the street has nothing to do with her, and even if they did, it's not her problem what he/she is wearing.
I get that if a friend wanted to buy something that didn't suit them at all, you could jump in and tell them not to.
But talking shit about people behind their backs is just plain mean, and I hate it.
Most of all because we don't know anything about that persons background. You know, they could be wearing black in the middle of summer ("Omg, why is she so dumb?! It's summer!") because a friend of hers died. Or her mother only buys black clothes for her because she's an international jewelry thief.

The point is, before I start rambling about the reasons for wearing black clothes, that you shouldn't judge people if you don't know everything about them.
Which you don't. I don't think that anyone knows everything about anyone, except maybe yourself, and even that does not happen very often.
Someone might be going through something really hard, and your comment, even though they might not hear you, is so not useful. It doesn't help anyone. You have no right to say things about them. If it makes you feel cool or some sh*t like that, just get out.

But sadly, I cannot say I don't judge. I start judging so quickly and I really dislike myself when I notice. When I see someone, I instantly judge them by their appearance, by their posture and their interactions with other people. And that makes me sad.

But I think we can also work on that.

We have to work on it.

That's it. Byeee!

Wednesday, July 15

Expectations & Putting Pressure on Yourself

Hello everyone!

Where I live we are about to receive our report cards. Which makes me nervous. Not very nervous, because I am a hard working student and i receive good or very good grades most of the time, but nervous all the same. It's not that my parents put pressure on me to be really good in school, it's me. I hate having bad grades and my standards for good grades are pretty high. I want to be as good as last year, no, I want to be better, but that's hard. And tiring. I am always nervous that what I am doing isn't enough.
I think it's good to put pressure on yourself to reach your goals and achieve what you want to achieve. But how much pressure is okay? How much pressure is healthy? These are questions that I am constantly asking myself, and this is my theory:

Doing homework and preparing for tests schould not take up more time than your free time. (School is left out of this, as it is obligetory)
You should have enough time to do the things that you want to do, and not get hooked up on school too much.
At the same time, school should be taken seriously, in my opinion, so there has to also be some time dedicated to preparing for it.
You just have to find a balance between the two, which I try my very best at.

So what about you? Do you agree, or do you have a completely different opinion? 

Feel free to comment below!


Saturday, July 11

Work Experience

Hello everyone!

I am currently not in school, because doing my work experience! I enjoy not having to go to school and i have done some pretty cool things, but it's quite boring at the moment. I don't have very much to do, and while the people are nice, I don't want to be pestering them all the time asking what I can do.

But all in all it is an experience which I wouldn't want to miss.
I didn't really know how much there is that you don't learn in school, but that is vital for work. Technical stuff, social stuff. Things that you will need everyday. But yay, I know the anatomy of a snail off by heart...

Of course, what they teach in school is important, but I think some things are really not worth learning, while others are painfully important and are not taught.

What do you think? Is there anything that you find we should learn at school that we don't? Let me know in the comments below!

Thursday, July 9


These are the things i want to do. They might be weird, they might be boring, but I don't care :)

I want to..
...make a friend  while I am away
...flirt (my love life literally DOES NOT EXIST. That has to change.)
...tighten my friendship with a girl I am going away with for two weeks
...take A LOT of photos, most of which i will probably be posting on this blog
...go to a concert or a festival sports in form of swimming and riding my bike
...write, write, write on this blog and privately at least 5 books
...correspond more with my internet friends (YOU)
...get a job

At the end of the summer, say, the end of september, I wil report back about what I did, what I didn't do and what maybe happened that wasn't on this list.
I hope that you will participate and are interested in my plans for the summer :)

Tuesday, July 7



this is just going to be a quick post, because i am soo on edge right now.
so, where i live summer has begun. also i don't feel like capitalizing anything today.
i thought to myself: you know what, this year i want to seize the summer. do stuff. reach goals. do more stuff.

if you read my last post, you will know, that i am bored with my life. i have to do more stuff. and what better way to achieve that than to tell the internet? so, if you want to come with me on that journey and get out your creative side (which i don't do very often) to make this summer amazing, please write a blogpost about what you want to do and label it with the hashtag "seizethesummer".
we will, as a blogging community, make the most out of the summer 2k15!
ok, that's my idea, what do you think?

I just remembered that I have like 6 followers. I don't think anyone will do this. Oh well, I will.