Monday, September 28

I'm that girl

I'm that girl…

…who hides her shyness behind self-humour.

…who is too different to be mainstream but too mainstream to be different.

…who thinks about doing stuff more than actually doing it.

…who holds on too tight but dreams of something new.

…who shares all her feelings, but still cries herself to sleep sometimes.

…who would rather agree than disagree.

…who seems to have her stuff together  but is actually an emotional wreck.

…who is scared of her future but can't wait for it.

…who catches herself saying what others want to hear.

…who wants to be noticed but doesn't want to be judged.

Who are you?

Tuesday, September 8

#SeizeTheSummer Update

Hey everyone!

As you may or may not know, I did this thing at the beginning of the summer, where I listed all the things I wanted to do over the summer, a kind of summer bucket list. Also, I said that I would report back to tell you which of these things I did. And feel ashamed because I probably didn't do most of them. Damnit.

So here's my list:

I wanted to...

...make a friend while i was away. DONE! I met this really nice girl in Italy, She was very shy but as I am not, that fit quite well.

...flirt. FAIL. I did come into contact with a cute italien guy, but he was to old for me and didn't seem interested. Oh well.

...tighten my friendship with the girl I went away with for two weeks. DONE! We definetely tightened our friendship and although there were a few bumps along the way, we had a great time.

...take A LOT of photos. DONE! I took sooo many photos, check some of them out here:
Italien Photo Diary

...go to a concert or festival. FAIL. This is a real bummer, because I was going to go to a pool festival, but it got called off at the last minute. sports. DONE! I actually went to the gym quite often during the summer, plus I went swimming and hiking  (a little bit). Very proud :)

…write, write, write on this blog and privately. DONE! I filled loads of pages in my journal over the summer and wrote quite a few blogposts too. Check some of them out here:
Judgement & Jewelry
Telling the Truth & Lying for a Reason

…read at least five books. DONE! In the first third of my holiday I read tons, in the second half not so much, as I was busy with the aforementioned friend. I will be writing some book reviews very soon though…

…communicate more with my internet friends (YOU!). With this one I'm not sure. I did make some new friends, but some of my closest buds kind of disappeared off the face of the internet. You could have said goodbye, you know? *scowling emoji*

…get a job. DONE! Yes, I got a babysitting job, which will be lasting for 10 weeks. So glad!

If you lasted this long through my bundle of summer to-dos, thanks!
I hope you had a great summer and were able to check everything off your bucket list.

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