Saturday, November 21

Book Review: BINGE by Tyler Oakley

Hello everyone!

I know that it hasn't been long since my last book review, but I have to give you my opinion on this one.

It's BINGE by Tyler Oakley. I bought it a few weeks ago, and eventually got down to readng it.
And yes, I binged.

This book is a collection of stories that YouTube star Tyler Oakley recounts from his life. He starts from the very beginning and takes us through every stage of his life up until now.

This book is hilarious. It's heartbreaking. It's daring. And it's Tyler.

I cried, I laughed and it was one of those kind of books where you come home looking forward to reading it, where you forget to eat while reading it, and where you continue to read under your blanket till you can't keep your eyes open, and then some. I enjoyed this book so much, I took it everywhere. On the tube, to school, to the loo.

Tyler writes about all the struggles he had to face. These include being obese, then not eating at all. Being caught up in a horrible divorce. His disputes with his father about coming out and being openly gay. He talks about dating, breakups, and his life as a YouTuber. It's very intimate and personal.

But of course, he also mixes in a lot of funny stories, cringe-worthy experiences and a not-so-small sprinkle of bad puns.

I just want to thank Tyler Oakley for writing this perfect book. Please read it, you will definetly not regret it.

If you have read the book, or are planning on reading it, feel free to leave a comment below!

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Love, Mia