Sunday, February 7

"W7-In the Buff" Eyeshadow Palette Review

Hello everyone!

I have always been a sucker for eyeshadow, so when I found this palette on amazon that was being described as the best Urban Decay Naked dupe, I didn't think twice. Here's a little rave about the W7-In the Buff eyeshadow palette.

W7 does quite a few eyeshadow palettes, but I thought this was the one that fit me best. I have brown eyes with a hint of green and pale skin. My palette, "In the Buff", includes 12 beautiful brown-gold colours and a double ended brush. It comes in a rose gold tin.
I can't say whether the brush is good, as I have been using my own eyeshadow brush of choice.

The eyeshadows come off nicely, have a good consistency and stay put for the most part of the day.
The colur payoff is not bad, you don't need much of the product to create a gorgeous look.
I love the colours featured in this palette, because there is quite a variety: golds, browns, nudes, and slightly pinky tones. Some are glittery, some are matt, and I am absolutely in LOVE! Definetly recommend this, even though I can't judge whether it is a good dupe for the Naked palettes, as I have never tried them.

Buy the palette here
I hope this post helped you if you're looking for some good quality eyeshadow for an affordable price!

Love, Mia

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