Thursday, July 9


These are the things i want to do. They might be weird, they might be boring, but I don't care :)

I want to..
...make a friend  while I am away
...flirt (my love life literally DOES NOT EXIST. That has to change.)
...tighten my friendship with a girl I am going away with for two weeks
...take A LOT of photos, most of which i will probably be posting on this blog
...go to a concert or a festival sports in form of swimming and riding my bike
...write, write, write on this blog and privately at least 5 books
...correspond more with my internet friends (YOU)
...get a job

At the end of the summer, say, the end of september, I wil report back about what I did, what I didn't do and what maybe happened that wasn't on this list.
I hope that you will participate and are interested in my plans for the summer :)


  1. I really like this list. I love the idea of meeting new people - any new people, especially while away in a foreign place. Good luck with the flirting, have fun at a festival or concert, and maybe meet some new people when you get a job? Maybe you'll meet someone flirt-worthy ;)

    The Life of Little Me

    1. Haha thanks! I will fo my very best abd keeo you updated whatever happens

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  3. Best of luck on completing the list! I know you can do it! I'm getting Since You've Been Gone vibes :) Don't forget to keep us updated!

    Xx Morgana

  4. came across your blog and really like the idea of writing a sort of "bucket list" or list of goals. :)